Why we need Measure RR for LAUSD Schools

Why we need Measure RR for LAUSD Schools

Vote YES on Measure RR to upgrade, modernize and replace aging school facilities, update technology, and address inequities in our children’s schools.

While some new schools have been built, and others have been modernized, more than 70% of our public-school buildings were built more than 50 years ago. Many are deteriorating and do not meet today’s standards for learning and safety.

Such disparity is unfair and puts students at risk of falling behind in preparing for college and careers simply because of where they live. This measure will make sure that more students get access to updated and modernized schools.

Measure RR will also update technology in schools to allow all students access to distance learning when necessary so that every student has the opportunity to grow and succeed.

Measure RR will:

  • Update school and learning technology
  • Complete basic and necessary school site upgrades
  • Reduce/ remove asbestos, lead paint, and water quality hazards in schools
  • Modernize science, technology, engineering, and math classrooms and labs for 21st century learning
  • Improve accessibility, earthquake safety and school security
  • Upgrade schools to COVID-19 cleanliness and distancing standards for student, faculty and staff safety.

Measure RR is subject to strict independent oversight and accountability requirements, including annual independent financial and performance audits. Funds are legally restricted from being used for teacher and administrator salaries and school operating expenses.

Best of all, your tax rate WON’T increase.  Measure RR simply extends WITHOUT increasing the tax rate currently authorized for voter-approved Los Angeles Unified School District bonds. And it will create thousands of jobs benefitting the region’s economy.

Please, vote YES on Measure RR, because every student deserves access to a safe, secure, and updated school, that supports 21st century teaching and learning.