What else will Measure RR address?

  • RR will provide clean, renewable energy improvements, resulting in more sustainable learning environments, communities, and healthier students and faculty
  • RR will comprehensively modernize more aging and deteriorating schools
  • RR will construct and expand school-based wellness clinics
  • RR will provide upgraded athletic/recreational facilities
  • RR will upgrade aging, outdated HVAC, plumbing, roofing and flooring systems and unsafe paving
  • RR will provide more outdoor learning spaces
  • RR will provide more career technical education facilities
  • RR will provide safe, upgraded early childhood education facilities
  • RR will replace and upgrade adult and career centers so they are safe, functional, support 21st century learning and align with regional industry sectors and career pathways
  • RR will upgrade, modernize and/or construct charter school facilities
  • RR will replace and upgrade aging, undersized and inadequate school cafeterias
  • RR will improve school safety, security, network, and emergency communications systems
  • RR will replace outdated and inefficient school buses to meet 21st century environmental and safety standards

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