Who will be on the Independent Citizens Oversight Committee?

LAUSD has had a Citizens Oversight Committee in place for over 20 years, even before it was required by law. The Committee must consist of at least seven members of the public, and cannot include any District employee, vendor or contractor. Members of the Citizens Oversight Committee include representatives from a senior citizens’ organization, a parent or guardian, a taxpayer association, a local business organization, and a member that is both a parent or a guardian of a child enrolled in the District and active in a parent-teacher organization. The LAUSD School Construction Bond Citizens’ Oversight Committee actually has a total of 15 members, with additional representatives from the Los Angeles City Controller’s Office, the Los Angeles County Auditor-Controller’s Office, and the Los Angeles City Mayor’s Office, to name a few. The role of the Committee is to review copies of the annual independent audits of bond finances; inspect District facilities to ensure the revenues are being spent properly; review copies of maintenance proposals or plans developed by the District; and review the District’s efforts to maximize bond revenues by implementing cost-saving programs. No members of the Committee are compensated for their service. As stated in the Full Text of Measure RR, the Committee will be given the opportunity to review and make a recommendation to the Board on a proposed project, and report on the proper anticipated expenditure of taxpayers’ money before each project is considered by the Board and included in a Strategic Execution Plan.

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